How brands build better digital experiences
The power of a content platform is in its flexibility

This quick read will take you through a wealth of scenarios, focusing not only on ROI and success metrics, but on the how and why behind these solutions. This playbook is an opportunity to transform how your business creates digital content.

  • Atlassian - Atlassian uses their content platform to streamline the management of its external support services: help and technical documentation, FAQs, help articles, product documentation and in-product support.

  • Bang & Olufsen - B&O uses their content platform to meet their customers in their regions and languages, on personal devices and in-store displays. Improving the digital customer experience led to a threefold increase in their ecommerce conversion rate.

  • Mailchimp - Mailchimp united its marketing and knowledge base websites under one framework and one engineering staff. Their content platform enables marketing and support teams to update and publish content faster.

  • XOOM - XOOM (a PayPal service) optimized workflows between developers and editors to deliver localized digital content faster and without compromises on quality. This led to a decrease in deployment time from two weeks to 30 minutes.

  • ALDO Group - ALDO Group optimized their content platform across three websites for testing and personalization, ensuring their editors are equipped to deliver the excellent digital customer experiences at scale.

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