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How to assess the performance of your composable architecture


What's inside

What's inside

In the digital-fast era, expected experience-driven customer interactions are forcing brands to be responsive and adapt. To keep pace, digital teams are turning away from monolithic solutions, instead favoring microservices supported by composable architectures. While the flexible, modular capabilities of these architectures help teams build scalable digital experiences faster, their positive impacts can be difficult to measure. So, how do digital teams show the value of these strategies and technologies in a way that can be documented and easily digested?

In this white paper, we’ll cover five value pillars for demonstrating the performance of composable architecture and technologies with examples of KPIs and business outcomes to track their value. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what composable architecture is and why many businesses are adopting it

  • Learn about the five KPIs used to determine the performance and value of new additions to your tech stack.

  • Discover ways measure speed, flexibility, extensibility, scalability and reliability


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