How to equip your marketing team for success with Gatsby and Contentful


Learning your way around a headless CMS isn’t always easy, and for many marketers and content creators, the benefits are overshadowed by the difficulty of abandoning the usability and time-tested workflows they have in their existing CMS. But what if you could set up a modern headless CMS to be even more user-friendly, flexible, and efficient than your current CMS?

When Starlight Children’s Foundation needed a site redesign, they had this challenge in mind. Starlight is dedicated to “Delivering happiness to seriously ill kids” by providing hospitals with gaming equipment and VR experiences for children. Their goals for the website were to provide a better experience for their site users, provide a more efficient and user-friendly experience for the less technical marketing team members who maintain the site, and improve the engagement of site visitors in order to increase donations.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Starlight built a flexible, modular site design with Gatsby and Contentful

  • How to empower less technical team members to perform webpage maintenance

  • How the new site design enabled more effective donation and participation options

Learn how Starlight worked with agency Delicious Simplicity to build a modern, component-based site with Gatsby and Contentful that inspired confidence and let the Starlight team focus on their important mission of delivering happiness to seriously ill kids!

Recorded on
21 November 2019
60 minutes
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