Contentful and E2X: Implementing MACH Masterclass


Considering a move to MACH, but unsure how to organize your team or technology stack to make it happen?

COVID-19 disrupted the ecommerce industry and paved the way for a new trading environment where only the most innovative, nimble companies thrive in the face of present, rapidly-changing conditions.

You’ve already heard about the benefits of going headless, which is great. The golden ticket now is to understand and work towards platform flexibility which can allow your brand to continually improve experiences with ease.

Moving to MACH — which entails using multiple technologies in place of a monolithic platform — can significantly change a brand’s inner workings. It can affect many aspects of your operating model including the technologies implemented, team structures, required tech skills and tools available for teams to carry out their jobs.

Key takeaways

  • Learn about a six-step framework to assess business compatibility with MACH architecture

  • Hear about a retailer example of MACH in action

  • Discover the five workstreams essential when moving to MACH

Recorded on
January 25, 2022
59 minutes
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Chris White
Regional Partner Manager
Matt Gould
Client Director
Webinar Partners


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