White paper

Is digital sprawl diluting your brand?

Whitepaper - Is digital sprawl diluting your brand?

What's inside

What's inside

Don’t let digital sprawl slow you down. Download the white paper to learn how:

  • Legacy systems led to unsustainable digital sprawl

  • Digital sprawl impacts customer experience

  • Unified content management can improve customer experiences across channels

  • The new generation of content solutions can accelerate better digital CX at scale

Adding new CMSes and tools to serve each new channel is no longer a viable strategy. Disconnected systems slow enterprises down and make it hard to deliver omnichannel digital experiences at scale. The myriad of platforms and tools that underpinned brands’ success with early digital products have come back to haunt them in the form of digital sprawl.

To compete, enterprises need to adopt modern platforms that connect with a broad range of systems and facilitate the flow and management of large volumes of content. These extensible, API-first platforms empower organizations to build custom tech stacks.

In this paper, we’ll discuss how closed, monolithic systems have led to digital sprawl. We’ll talk about the impact of diverse content on digital customer experiences, and we’ll take a deeper dive into the next generation of API-first tools that are helping digital leaders transition from siloed legacy systems to an integrated ecosystem of tools that offer the agility you need to deliver omnichannel digital experiences.

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Whitepaper - Is digital sprawl diluting your brand?

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