Why you need the builder ethos for a successful MACH rollout

Recorded on
21 July 2021

The MACH Alliance is celebrating its first anniversary, proving that modern composable architectures are here to stay. Watch this webinar to better understand the importance of the “builder ethos” when developing a MACH-based digital strategy. This event was hosted in partnership with Valtech and Uni-Select and part of the MACH Alliance Information Festival 2021.

Dina Apostolou, Contentful’s VP of Product Marketing, Casper Rasmussen, SVP of Technology at Valtech, and Martin Lessard, VP of Marketing & Digital Strategy at joint customer Uni-Select, walk you through what the builder ethos is and how to use this new approach to propel your MACH architectures to the next level. Gain valuable insights from these experienced market leaders on:

  • How digital leaders and strategists can cultivate a builder-centric culture that executes on digital strategy

  • How to form teams that drive digital transformation and build digital products for end customer experiences

  • The top three things an organization needs in place if they are attempting to scale with MACH technologies

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Dina Apostolou
VP of Product Marketing
Casper Rassmussen
Casper Rasmussen
SVP of Technology
Martin Lessard
Martin Lessard
VP of Marketing & Digital Strategy
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