Exploring digital platforms and MACH architecture series: Nascent


At every stage of the user journey, content is the key to making connections and inspiring action. Whether it be in-person or online, text or video, what you create and share plays a pivotal role in attracting, converting and retaining customers.

During this interview series, you’ll hear from experts exploring three popular Contentful use cases: global marketing and localization, agile ecommerce and knowledge base. Contentful’s Director of Platform Strategy Andrew Kumar interviews digital leaders in the MACH (microservices based, API-first, cloud-native, headless) space on how they have used digital platforms and MACH architecture to address business challenges.

In this episode, Mike Kretz, Engagement Manager and Developer at Nascent, discusses how to deliver differentiated and immersive shopping experiences that build brand loyalty as the second step in the customer journey. Specifically, he shares:

  • Examples of complex ecommerce scenarios including those with promotions or that require translation

  • How Contentful supports collaboration across technical and business team focused on merchandising

  • How to deliver consistent, multichannel shopping experiences by leveraging a central source

Recorded on
November 2, 2021
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Mike Kretz
Mike Kretz
Engagement Manager & Developer
Andrew Kumar, VP Customer Solutions, Uniform
Andrew Kumar
Global VP, Customer Solutions & Tech Partners
Webinar Partners


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