Live demo: Customizing the editor interface with open-source field editors

Recorded on
30 June 2020

As companies add more specialized processes to their editorial stacks, they face the challenge of how to build and support editorial workflow. Our latest feature, open-source field editors, is here to help. It’s now possible to fork existing extensions or create your own extensions based on existing Contentful components' source, rather than starting from scratch. Developers have greater adaptability with a fraction of the work, whilst editors are empowered and have more time to create new and exciting content.

Watch this tutorial from Contentful Developer Evangelist Shy Ruparel and Contentful Staff Engineer Aleksandr Suevalov as they guide you through how to build an extension using these open-source components.

Key takeaways:

  • Getting started with Contentful’s open-source extensions

  • Use cases for field editors

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of how to use this feature for two scenarios:

    • Implementing custom behavior into a field editor without recreating the entire component from scratch

    • Creating new fields using existing Contentful fields as a starting point

  • Insight into the developer resources available while you build

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Speaker image
Shy Ruparel
Developer Evangelist
Aleksandr Suevalov
Aleksandr Suevalov
Staff Engineer

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