The real magic behind digital experiences: Powering cross-team workflows with Contentful and Netlify Deploy Previews

Recorded on
February 22, 2022

The rise in distributed, asynchronous teams calls for new, modernized ways of collaborating. Having developers, designers and marketers sit in front of the same screen and optimize landing pages is no longer the status quo.

Together, Contentful and Netlify let team members across great geographic distances leave their mark on projects and new pages to market seamlessly. Netlify natively integrates with Contentful so marketers, translators, content creators and SEO strategists can deploy live Collaborative Deploy Previews from the Contentful dashboard. Each Collaborative Deploy Preview enables contributors to annotate and comment on the live site where it’s visible to all collaborators. This functionality enables team members to refocus efforts on what they do best: developers can optimize and build, designers can ideate and create, and creators can write and edit.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why multifunctional, distributed teams are becoming the new standard

  • What deploy previews are and how to leverage them to empower stakeholders during the feedback cycles

  • How deploy previews to help teams collaborate better and ship faster

  • How Contentful and Netlify integrate to deploy previews and support the continuous use of trusted tools

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Eric Silverman
Eric Silverman
Director of Engineering
Nicole France, Director, Content, Contentful
Nicole France
Director, Content
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