Product release roundup: Winter ‘22 edition

Recorded on
March 3, 2022

Stay up to date on the latest product releases from Contentful with our quarterly product release roundups featuring commentary and highlights from Contentful’s changelog.

In this episode, we walk you through recent release highlights across our content platform, including:

  • Environment governance: Extend roles and permissions across environments to build more robust access and workflows.

  • Forma 36 design system v4: Enjoy accessibility improvements and WCAG level AAA compliance across our React components.

  • The BigCommerce app by Candyspace: Browse, select, and directly embed BigCommerce products into Contentful entries.

  • The Commerce.js app: Add a product or group of products to your content without leaving Contentful.

  • The Frosmo Segments app for personalization: Access audience segments directly within Contentful.

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Director of Product Marketing, Contentful
Paul Biggs
Director of Product Marketing
Jamie Bolland
Jamie Bolland
Product Marketing Manager
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