Stop playing cache-up: How to render content on the fly for faster builds with Jamstack


Jamstack’s decoupled web architecture and ability to pre-render assets and pages at build time makes it easy to create fast, powerful and secure websites. Things begin to slow down however, as website and app growth demands sequential build processes for thousands of pages.

We have good news. You can stop waiting for these builds to complete! In this coding session, Contentful’s Stefan Judis and Netlify’s Jason Lengstorf team up to show you how to serve and cache content on demand for faster build times and improved site performance.

They deploy a static site to Netlify using Contentful and show you:

  • How to use Netlify’s On-demand Builders to support faster development cycles

  • How generating less-frequented, archived content to user requests improves build times for large websites

  • Unique ways to implement On-demand Builders for dynamic use cases such as customizing images

Recorded on
January 20, 2022
67 minutes
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Stefan Judis
Sr. Manager Developer Relations
Jason Lengstorf
VP of Developer Experience
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