Connect the best: Contentful with SAP Commerce Cloud for agile ecommerce


Drawing on years of experience delivering ecommerce projects, SAP and Contentful partner Portaltech Reply built a technology stack that can power ecommerce projects of any size, for the web and for multichannel experiences.

In this session, Portaltech Reply introduces their SAP Commerce Cloud/Contentful connector. They share how to use a powerful, scalable ecommerce system in combination with a modern headless content solution. This connector keeps developers happy while also meeting the needs of marketing teams, ultimately speeding up multichannel content delivery and enabling brands to build exceptional digital shopping experiences.

Key takeaways:

  • SAP Commerce and Contentful power some of the biggest online storefronts in the world. Use their combined strength to get the best of both solutions.

  • Seamless integration: See how easy it is to reference product information from SAP Commerce in Contentful.

  • Batteries included: Learn how you can use Contentful in SAP Spartacus-based frontends.

Recorded on
9 June 2021
56 minutes
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Andrew Kumar
Director, Digital Platform Strategy
Esther Fesenmeier
Managing Director
Lennart Resemann
Lead Developer
Webinar Partners


Portaltech Reply delivers a consequent customer-centric approach in all digital communication channels.

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