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The need for speed: Why digital agencies are transforming their approach to delivering digital experiences

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What's inside

What's inside

Digital agencies need to better align themselves with brands to help them through digital transformations and to deliver high-performing digital experiences, faster.

The paper discusses how a content platform empowers both digital agencies and their clients to manage digital content across any product or channel. We look at how three customers and partners use Contentful to launch new experiences and streamline their content operations as they transition to the modern way of building applications.

Key takeaways:

  • How Covid-19 has changed how companies go to market, and its impact on digital agencies

  • How to ship a pipeline of digital products to market quickly and iterate faster

  • Moving from content management to content operations

  • Why digital agencies work with Contentful

The Need for Speed 2000x1520

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How Contentful changes the game
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