How Businesses Can Think Outside the CMS Box

The proliferation of new digital channels and an accelerated pace of innovation, driven by new technologies and the cloud, have led to more software being built than ever before. Software isn’t just being made by software companies any more—it’s something that’s popping up across industries, disrupting existing business models and inventing new ones in their place.

Like it or not, we’re all software companies now—and companies are undergoing digital transformations in order to remain competitive, and survive, moving forward into strange yet promising waters. Whether your company is new, growing or evolving, the success of your business depends on building software. Digital experiences area main driver of brand engagement, revenue generation, customer engagement and many other goals that determine the success of a business.

One of the stumbling blocks in this new digital transformation wave is the dependence on traditional Content Management Systems (CMS) and, much to their detriment, how companies have to work around, not with, CMS. There comes a time after the realization of the need to produce digital experiences and products, that CMSs are far from optimal in a software-first, app-centric world.

Legacy systems like CMS, whether developed in-house or by one of several well-known names you probably are familiar with, have many restrictions—they came about in a world of posts and pages, where far fewer platforms and devices existed. They simply weren’t designed to support the speed and flexibility to support things like chatbots and mobile applications, devices like digital signage and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) hardware, and digital products with agile software principles as their core.

Contentful offers the ability to easily integrate the delivery of content into any modern technology stack, with the use of cloud-native, API-first platforms based on structured content models and independent of a specific programming language; more aptly known as content infrastructure. When it comes to getting your content out there, be it the web, digital billboards or wearables content infrastructure helps make the lives of developers and content creators easier by offering flexibility, speed, and scalability. Not only that, this solution is a fully-managed service, giving you peace-of-mind to leave building and maintenance of the content infrastructure to the experts and letting your teams focus on their main goals—bringing your business well on the way to success.

Our new eBook explores the many ways that companies are using content infrastructure to modernize their content operations and enhance the efficiency of the digital workflow. We take take a look at 14 customers from diverse industries who are creating a broad range of content-rich digital products and experiences. In each case, Contentful has empowered both developers and content creators to solve problems unique to their organization and business needs.

TELUS, the Canadian telecom giant, is one instance of success. They migrated content from seven (!) different CMSs to a unified content infrastructure working with Contentful. They didn’t just love it; moving to using a content infrastructure actually brought measurable levels of success.

If you are looking to transform your content operations, don’t let CMS get in the way of shipping software. Learn how TELUS and other Contentful customers are benefiting from a platform that is:

  • Fast: Build apps faster using a modular, service-oriented architecture.

  • Empowering: Editors can create pages and update content in real-time, without bothering your developers.

  • Unified: Centralize content management for all sorts of devices and purposes on a single, flexible platform.

  • Flexible: Serve all kinds of content that look great on any type of app, on any device.

  • Scalable: Effortlessly expand digital portfolios to meet market demand.

Download the eBook: How to Think Outside the CMS Box

Questions? Please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to talk through the needs of your particular business.

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