Contentful Certification Workshop

By popular demand, Contentful reintroduced its certification workshop for partners and clients to enable them to have in-house Contentful experts within their organizations. This was the first of a series of Contentful Certification workshops, with several more workshops planned for 2018 that will be in different locations around the globe. So be sure to keep an eye on events page so you don’t miss the next one!

This workshop, held on a warm summer day in May, consisted of three partners and a Contentful customer. The prerequisite for this workshop was to have a Contentful account, but fortunately, most attendees were Contentful users to begin with. They went over experience, challenges, suggestions and expectations, while going over content modeling in an effort to become familiar with the basics of using Contentful.

By doing so, attendees would be able to interact with other Contentful users while earning their Contentful 101 Certification, which would then allow them to train others within their respective organizations. To not make things too easy, there were a couple of challenges to:

  • Build a content model challenge, where teams were formed to pitch it to a jury.

  • Build a new modern stack using microservices.

  • Do an online test, minimum amount of points.

The participants had mostly positive things to say about the workshop; specifically the levels of interactivity, learning by doing and immediate feedback provided by the present solution architects.

Hendrik, representing a partner from the Netherlands, had flown all the way out to Berlin to attend the Contentful Certification Workshop. His organization got to know of and began using Contentful for their clients two years ago. He was pleased with the workshop and how it helps prepare partners to provide training on capabilities of Contentful for clients.

Those with an engineering background were initially skeptical if they could learn anything from content modeling part of the exercise, seeing their roles make them more involved in the architectural side of things. Ultimately, they found it the content modeling exercise to be useful as it provided a basis that would help with later architecture.

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