Your 2019 Contentful wrap-up, filled with holiday cheer (and a few good puns)

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December 30, 2019

Jo Fraser



Over the last year, the market for new content management software solutions has exploded. Today there are more CMS solutions than ever. We’ve seen legacy CMSes scramble to put together non-prescriptive offerings to tack onto their existing product and headless competitors rise up left, right and center. The space has changed so much, even the analysts have declared new categories and criteria to accommodate the dramatic changes.

We’re thrilled that our pioneering work on headless CMS is getting more and more attention. We started seven years ago and have been waiting with a bottle of champagne for the party to arrive! Gone are the days of clunky monolithic CMSes and the operational dance required to get a digital experience live. We think that’s worth celebrating.

Throw another backlog on the fire

The business benefits are huge. We don't have to spend so many resources now just getting content out. It allows us to use our development resources much more wisely now. — Anna Lau, senior product manager at Zoom by Paypal.

Contentful puts the power over content back into the hands of the people that really need it: editors, designers, marketers, content creators and copyeditors. We heard this year that, while they might like having a chat with each other, developers and non-technical folks love having autonomy over their content.

Legacy CMSes meant that there was a lot of back-and-forth emails, leaving developers swimming in quick fixes like typos, content updates and other tiny but time-consuming tasks. Nobody has time for that! And when you’re just trying to stay afloat, the first thing that suffers is creativity, innovation and the ability to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Our customer Clue is a period tracker app used by over 10 million people to track their symptoms and learn about patterns in their reproductive health. 2019 saw Clue creating and launching an interactive encyclopedia of content using our Rich text implementation. This has given their customers the ability to move beyond reading information. Now they can engage with a more immersive digital experience and click through interactive displays.

Kaercher worked with Contentful to create Alexa skills that give their customers the ability to ask Alexa questions and control devices using voice control. Turning off your power washer while in another area of the house? Now totally possible.

The takeaway? When you cut down your digital sprawl, put the power over content in the right hands and reduce your development times, you get more digital experiences out the door.

Ho, ho, hold on I just have to ping the developer

Our marketing team can craft, test, and optimize everything they write for every device and trigger deploys anytime by typing a simple command in the dedicated channel. — Justin Hughes VP of product development and design at Trunk Club.

The days of asking your development team for content changes are over. We made Contentful into the most editor-friendly headless CMS on the market. 2019 saw extensibility features that give content creators the ability to turn their sidebar into a productivity tool, integrate dialog extensions so they can remain focused on one screen, and customize their whole editing experience. Marketers can even run experiments without leaving the Contentful web app: Optimizely became an officially supported third-party app on Contentful. How about another round of schn-apps for everyone?

We can’t say it any better than Steve Riggens, CMO at Water for People, "In Contentful, we finally have a tool that respects the time and effort of creative people."

Turn the lights on for your customers

"In today's competitive landscape, offering a personal and relevant digital experience is crucial. We needed a product that would scale with our ambitions." — Daniel Morabito product owner ecommerce at ALDO group.

We’ve never been more convinced that providing exciting, caring, informative and delightful digital experiences is an absolute must for businesses that want to engage with their customers. We’ve moved past advertising, or simply being sold to, and entered into a new time when customers are looking to digital experiences to go through life. From checking the bus timetable to purchasing a present for Grandma, we’re doing it all online and choosing the companies that make it easy and fun.

Mailchimp chose to use Contentful for their knowledge base. Having a strong knowledge base has always been important to the company with most of the users being mom-and-pop operations that grapple with tasks like how to retarget ads on Facebook or accurately track customer leads.

Using metrics to see what articles their customers read the most means they can focus on providing the right information. And they didn’t have to start from scratch either. Contentful launched the knowledge base solution to give enterprises a kickstart with a blueprint on how to make it a success.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday! May your good times (and content) flow.

While you might be tucked up by a roaring fire, or hitting the beach in the Southern Hemisphere, our support team will be working to give you any help that you might need. We can’t wait for another year of delivering digital experiences.

To all who make Contentful a success, we wish you a very happy holiday season. Here are some more highlights for further reading:

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