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Frakton is now an official Contentful professional solution partner, ready to help enterprise customers build better and deliver faster with Contentful.

We’re a software development company based in Prishtina, Kosovo specializing in web and mobile apps. We focus on user experience in our work with startups, organizations and enterprises around the globe. We’ve been in the industry since 2007, helping customers create and launch products used by millions of people and across all industries.

Choosing Contentful

First impressions are important. An outdated website can easily turn away a potential client at first glance –– a problem since websites are often the first contact between a company and their future customers. Digital platforms evolve daily, requiring flexible solutions for long-term operations. On the other hand, developing and maintaining a website demands time and effort, especially when it comes to large-scale projects for global brands.

Content Management Systems (CMSes) helps companies minimize that effort. They enable you to do more with less. CMSes help you do everything from content creation to tracking sessions and handling searches. We normally propose a monolithic CMS for websites. But we discovered that they aren’t robust enough for enterprise-scale projects. That’s when we came across Contentful. Contentful gave us the ability to create your own content model, so that it’s tailored to your project and team. It provides you RESTful APIs so you can deliver your content across multiple channels such as websites, mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) or any other platform.

We decided to use Contentful for a recent project called CeloDAM, which we worked on with a team from Celonis. Celonis is a leader in process mining for data tracking, and they’re currently valued at $2.5 billion. For CeloDAM, we built a product that helps Celonis share knowledge across their global offices. We took advantage of using Contentful to store, structure and retrieve data. You can read more about it in the case study.

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Learning Contentful

We learned how to use Contentful while developing the CeloDAM project, a learn-by-doing approach. We were able to work with Contentful effectively thanks to the training we completed, and thanks to the great support and educational tools that they provided.

Their courses cover topics for everyone on a cross functional team: content creators, developers and designers. Engineers at Frakton had the option for courses such as “Content delivery architectures and APIs” and “Extensibility: UI extensions, webhooks and apps.” If you’re interested in content modelling, there are three courses where you can learn everything from the fundamentals of content modeling to advanced strategy in Contentful. And courses for content creators can open a whole new vision for us about what we can deliver.

Most importantly, it wasn’t boring. Everyone enjoyed going through the courses and developing the skills. It even peaked interest in other colleagues who are now keen to take the training.

All of our participants agreed that the knowledge gained in the courses improve our capacity to provide better solutions for customers. It's amazing to upgrade your knowledge without having to leave the office, and it’s all online, free and readily accessible. You can go through them at your own pace, as many times as it requires.

Contentful Certification

After our training period, we each took a certification exam. It’s an easy way to learn and feel confident in your Contentful skills. We’re proud to count five certified Contentful professionals in our company, and two more will soon join the ranks. This will further strengthen our cooperation with Contentful, and allow us to continue building scalable projects while expanding services to other interested clients and partners.

We’re able to demonstrate our Contentful expertise and attract new enterprise customers as an official Contentful professional solution partner.

Learn more about getting certified yourself with Contentful.

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