All the links you need to get started with the Community edition

Contentful’s new Community edition offers a full set of features for free, forever. It includes access to our GraphQL API, along with enough users, records, content types and sandbox environments to develop everything from a personal site to a hacking project to a tool for a non-profit organization.

We’ve brought together all of the essential resources to help you explore and use your new Contentful Community edition. Contentful experts might also find an article or two in here helpful!

Start building today with our extensive developer community and resources

The best way to understand what Contentful can do for you is to try it for yourself. These resources can help you get started:

A list of funny and tricky JavaScript examples curated by Denys Dovhan.

Theremin time! 
It’s been 100 years since the theremin was created. Here is a fun project by Richard Yee using tonejs to create a virtual theremin on the web. Want to visualize your theremin music? Here are some awesome audio visualization tools, tutorials, libraries, codepens and more curated by Willian Justen, Luis Henrique and Marcio Ribeiro.

Awesome GraphQL
A curated collection of awesome Graph QL resources maintained by CT Lin.

Once you get started with Contentful the possibilities are endless

One engineer even uses Contentful to control a fridge in Argentina. Check out the following blog posts and webinars for a sampling of the cool stuff you can build and ways Contentful can help you and the teams you support work faster.

Speed and scale:


Multilingual accessibility:

Get back to coding and stop making edits and CMS updates 

Contentful eliminates the need for compromise between editorial and engineering with separate interfaces. Developers can customize the editorial interface to delight and empower editors, marketers and other users with UI extensions and our app framework. 

Learn more with these resources:

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