Engineering interview, new JavaScript starters, and fun webinars

A bumper crop of content in the newsletter this month; two JavaScript starter guides for Remix and React, and we sponsored and spoke at various events.
September 13, 2022



Happy September! Are you ready for fall?

This month we released a lot of new content (and we’re excited to share it with you)! Our Developer Relations team published two new JavaScript starter guides featuring Remix and React. We also interviewed some members of our Engineering team to provide a glimpse into what working at Contentful is like. And, of course, we’re continuing to sponsor and speak at various events. 

Check out all of the updates below!

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The way we work: Engineering at Contentful

Curious about how we handle production fails? Want to know what growth opportunities exist within Contentful? In this blog post, Claire Baah-Danso, a member of our Recruitment team, recaps an interview with Jigyasa and Jeremy, two of our awesome Engineering Directors!

Remix + Contentful starter guide

Build a corgi-themed portfolio with Developer Advocate Harshil Agrawal to learn what's paw-sible with Remix and Contentful. Check out the starter guide.

React + Contentful starter guide

This starter is perfect for those that prefer the original framework. Harshil demonstrates what you can do with just React while building an image gallery. Check out the starter guide.

The ultimate guide to Contentful webhooks

Webhooks are an awesome tool and can really unlock what’s possible with Contentful. In this post, you'll learn how to create your own webhooks or build off our many templates.

What is TypeScript and why should you use it?

Want to learn more about TypeScript? This guide from Harshil provides an overview, rundown of important features, and tips for your first project using it.  

What's a framework? All about software frameworks

We’re big on frameworks at Contentful, but what does “framework” mean, exactly? This blog post defines the concept and goes over some of our favorite frameworks to date. 

A hands-on tutorial for using Contentful with Vue

If ecommerce is your jam, this Vue tutorial walks you through how to build a handbag store, from displaying products to setting up a shopping cart.

How to get started using Angular with Contentful

Did you think we were done with frameworks? Think again! Our last tutorial covers how to use Angular and Contentful to build a job listing site. 

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Here’s what’s happening across Contentful!

On Sept. 8, Contentful Senior Software Engineer David Fateh and Webstack Marketing Operations Lead Adam Buettner discussed how Webstacks used Contentful and Gatsby to increase demo and website speeds for their client, ServiceTitan. Check out the webinar recording

Also on Sept. 8, Contentful Developer Advocate Brittany Walker (me!), hosted a webinar in partnership with Vue.JS Forge. Check out the recording to learn how to use Vue with Contentful while building a music-themed project. 

We’re super excited to sponsor Algolia DevCon Sept. 14-15. By the time you see this newsletter, we’ll be at our virtual booth. Sign up for the event and drop by to say hi! 

Join us live on Tuesdays at 11 a.m. ET/5 p.m. CET for our Contentful developer livestream. We’ll be building fun projects live, testing new Contentful features, and interviewing cool people. We’d love to connect!

Save the date: Fast Forward 2022

If you’re as fed up with the endless stream of content update tickets as we are, you’ll want to make sure to attend our biggest event of the year, Fast Forward Live, where we’ll share insights on and strategies for the next wave of digital content. The 45-minute live-streamed event takes place on October 26 and features appearances from Contentful execs and industry-leading customers and partners. Don’t miss out – register today!

Visit our developer events page to stay up to date on future events.

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Links we like

GitHub commit visualizer

If you like data, you’ll love this! Jo Franchetti created this awesome GitHub commit visualizer that displays updates in real time!

Let's learn Blender!

Blender is a free and open source 3D creation suite. In this video, Prince Wilson teaches Jason Lengstorf how to use Blender by building a 3D burger. 

You Got This!

Sometimes you need a break from the technical aspects of your job. You Got This! is a great place for resources on a happy work life.  


Manage content views and folders programmatically

Views and folders can now be programmatically managed using our Content Management API. Previously, views and folders were only manageable through our web app. Learn how to create and update a view in our CMA reference documentation. Full details in the changelog.

Solving the bigger problems

Join our team!

If scaling products and working on busy GraphQL endpoints is your thing, let’s talk! Costa Coffee, Rapha, EA, and thousands of other companies use Contentful daily. As we scale to support the world's leading API-first content platform, we’re hiring for these roles:

Senior Frontend Engineer - React  — Remote United States

As one of the first frontend software engineers on the U.S. integrations team, you’ll help build the team by providing guidance and coaching other engineers. You’ll also gain exposure to a range of technologies and approaches not limited to frontend development.

Explore our careers page for other open roles — apply yourself or make referrals. We’d love to have you with us!

That’s it for September!

Visit our developer portal for even more news. The portal also houses developer blog posts, videos, and tutorials.

Check out our Developer Showcase to see what developers have built with Contentful and to submit your own projects.

As always, feel free to contact us on Slack or Twitter to let us know how we can better support your awesome builds.

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