Introducing Blueprints 2021: Building for the digital-first era

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March 19, 2021


Join fellow digital leaders for Blueprints 2021 — Contentful’s annual customer roadshow — to learn about accelerating your company’s digital capabilities and building for the digital-first era.

Digital experiences for the digital-first era

We’re living in a digital-first era, which means people interact with companies first and foremost through digital channels. To thrive within this new context, companies need to develop new skills and technologies. They need to build products more quickly, reach across channels with their content and marketing and satisfy the growing demands of customers. 

To succeed, businesses need to unify, aggregate and deliver customer experiences across devices, channels, in-product and across new mediums addressing any stage of the customer journey. Contentful helps companies do this.

Contentful accelerates thousands of businesses to innovate and meet customer demands through our content platform. The content platform helps teams build the best and fastest digital experience possible, so that brands can worry less about the technology and focus more on finding new and improved ways to drive revenue. 

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Blueprints 2021: Learn from the experiences of experts

That’s why we’re excited to share Blueprints 2021. This April, we’re hosting two half-day programs that will help prepare you and your teams to build better digital products and experiences.

We’ll cover Contentful’s recent major product release, Compose + Launch, and you’ll also hear from customers and partners about how they succeeded this past year to launch new products and scale digital projects. They’ll talk about how to scale consistent, contextual content across channels, multiple geographies and languages. You’ll see how they delivered immersive, unexpected and connected shopping experiences while building brand loyalty — which improved retention and advocacy through omnichannel, post-sale customer experiences.

For attendees from the Americas, we’ll gather (virtually) on April 8 at 9:00 a.m. (PDT). For those in Europe, the event starts at 9:00 (CEST) April 15. At both times, you’ll hear from digital leaders in your industry via pre-recorded talks and live Q&As. You can expect to hear our CEO, Steve Sloan, vice president of product, Benjamin Keyser, and director of platform strategy, Andrew Kumar. 

We’re honored to also give the stage to some of our partners and customers. Speakers from HUGE and Kin + Carta will share best practices and the most successful implementations of Contentful’s two new apps, Compose + Launch.

For attendees on April 8, Apply Digital and Lyft EDU will be speaking about how to accelerate digital outcomes. April 15 attendees will hear from Reply, Bright IT with their customer Swarovski Optik, and AKQU with Danone. They’ll all be showcasing the most successful use cases and drawing out best practices that can be repeated by you and your teams.

Join Contentful and other digital leaders online by registering for Blueprints 2021.

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