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May 13, 2014


We're excited to make Contentful, our API-first content management platform, available to the public today. Contentful makes it easy to create and manage content in one place - and publish it everywhere it needs to go: web, smartphones, tablets, signage, and whatever comes next.

Historically content management systems were built for page-centric websites and HTML-based templates. With Contentful, the content is completely separate from the presentation layer, so that you can develop custom experiences on any device using the tools of your choice instead of fiddling with limited template-based systems.

Contentful provides a web-based authoring interface that lets non-technical editors work with content after you configure your content model. Designers independently craft the interface for end-users, while our powerful APIs give developers a simpler way to load content into apps, websites, or even to build completely custom editing interfaces.

Battle tested

Contentful’s platform has been built for scale and now delivers tens of millions of API requests to content projects in production. More than 5,000 organizations tested our platform during our extended beta.

Our customers are some of the most innovative brands on the planet including Nike, global media companies like Viacom and Playboy, as well as top-notch creative agencies like Teehan+Lax and AQ. Contentful’s Content APIs are being used on very small mobile screens to large format, 70 inch multi-touch displays. See how our customers are using us on our customers page.

Legacy content management systems have long held the promise of content reuse on multiple screens and platforms. They promised no vendor lock in. They were expensive. They were complicated. With Contentful you no longer have to scale and maintain a large content management system or wonder how to move content in and out of the CMS. With Contentful you can simply focus on your content and building apps on top of our API.

New features

We’ve released numerous features too! Our web-based editing interface now allows content creators to add 3 and to easily manipulate images. We simplified the workflow for creative agencies and other organizations that work with multiple clients. We introduced new SDKs for iOS, Ruby and JavaScript. We now support delta-sychronization, which is super useful for travel guides and similar apps that need content available offline.

Learn more

The best way to learn more about Contentful is to give us a try. Check out Contentful to sign up for a free trial and start delivering your content to mobile (and non-mobile!) platforms today.

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