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November 4, 2014


We're happy to announce that for the first time, Contentful has been featured in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

Once a year, Gartner analysts go through a whole slew of interviews and questionnaires with web content management suppliers and customers to get an impression of current industry trends. You can find the report here and see us under the vendors that 'may prove a viable choice for your specific needs'.

Contentful only fully launched in May 2014, so there's a few minimum requirements we're not meeting for inclusion in the magic quadrant. Indeed, there is a reason why the report is still called “web” content management. We take it to heart that Gartner realizes some of the tectonic shifts taking place in the content management space. The editor notes that:

...Customers no longer view WCM as simply a way to create and publish content on the Web. They want it to help them build a digital business.”


“Customers are becoming more interested in smaller, newer vendors. This is partly because they don't want the complexity of the older, bigger platforms. ...Some customers are attracted by younger companies with newer code, believing this enables more innovation. “

If you look at the recent analyst report from ComScore, you can see that in the US, mobile is consuming most of the time spent on digital media. And within mobile, time spent in apps dominates, as opposed to time spend in mobile browsers.

Mobile time spend

Some even go as far as saying that mobile is eating the world. We believe the current trends will continue and that it's high time to start thinking about this space in a broader sense than just "web". We are going to go out on a limb here and predict that within 3 years time, there's a good chance that analyst reports will drop the 'W' from 'WCM'.

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