Jamstack Conf, Fast Forward Roadshow, and new tutorials

In the Developer Newsletter this month; the Jamstack Conf in San Francisco, Fast Forward Roadshows, and guides to topics like Mastodon bots and Middleman.
December 13, 2022



Happy holidays!

It’s fair to say that since the last newsletter, the Contentful team has done a bit of traveling! We attended Jamstack Conf in San Francisco and saw many familiar faces before heading to Berlin, New York, and London (then back to San Francisco) for Fast Forward Roadshows.

On the content side of things, we were also busy, publishing guides on topics ranging from Mastodon bots to Middleman. Plus, a special holiday gift from the DevRel team!

Continue reading for the nitty gritty on these updates.

Contentful corner

Create a bot with RSS and webhooks for Mastodon, a Twitter alternative

Recently, Twitter alternatives like Mastodon have become very popular so we created a quick guide on how to automatically publish Contentful blog posts there. Read the post here.

Developer Showcase spotlight: Dynamic pages with Contentful and Middleman static site generator

In this month’s Developer Showcase project spotlight, Teemu Tammela walks you through how to set up a simple project using Middleman and Contentful. 

Install the Merge app from Contentful Marketplace

Have you tried our shiny new app on the Contentful Marketplace? The Merge app allows you to compare content types, review conflicts and merge changes across environments – all without writing migration scripts. 

12 Days of Contentful

Ready for some good cheer this holiday season? The Contentful DevRel team have been busy putting together a special project, a calendar featuring fun gifts every day for the next 12 days 🎁. Ho ho ho!

We had a blast in San Francisco at Jamstack Conf last month. And Fast Forward Live, we hit the road to meet with partners and customers IRL in four different cities.


We had a blast in San Francisco at Jamstack Conf last month, which wraps up our developer conferences for the year. We loved meeting so many of you at the booth that we shared with Stackbit. Shout out to those who tried out Contentful by adding their favorite album to our demo project!

After Fast Forward Live, our virtual conference which took place Oct. 26, we hit the road to meet with partners and customers IRL in four different cities. Check out the recaps from Berlin, New York, London, and San Francisco!

Earlier this month, Jen Lopez, Director of Developer Relations at Contentful, joined Orbit's Head of Community Tony Blank for a podcast on building developer communities. Go on, give it a listen

Visit our developer events page to stay up to date on future events.

Links we like

My first 6 months as a Developer Advocate

It's been six months since Developer Advocate Alvin Bryan joined the Contentful team. In a post to his personal blog, he outlines what he’s learned and accomplished these past few months.

Get your work recognized: Write a brag document

It’s time for performance reviews and we found something to help you prepare! Peruse this handy guide from Julia Evans for tips and tricks on tracking your accomplishments throughout the year.

Advent calendars for web designers and developers

Looking for a fun project to ring in the holiday season? Smashing Magazine has compiled a list of various web-related Advent calendars for you to try your hand at building this month.

What music can teach us about code

Check out this episode of the Dev Morning Show where Cassidy Williams, Zach Plata, and Salma Alam-Naylor chat about music, code, Twitch streaming and more!

Season's Greetings from Contentful

That’s it for December!

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