New developer relations team members and captivating events

The developer relations team grows to include a new developer advocate and director - introductions soon! Plus, we're ramping up our conference activities.
June 8, 2022



It's June!

Several exciting changes have taken course within the last month! Our developer relations team has grown to include a new developer advocate and director — who we’ll formally introduce soon! We’ve also ramped up our conference participation. We’ll be sponsoring some and presenting at others.

Let’s get into the details!

Contentful corner

Harshil Agrawal joins the Contentful Developer Experience team

We’re thrilled to welcome Harshil as Contentful’s newest Developer Advocate. Check out his introduction blog post to find out how building communities, experimenting with various technologies, and teaching led him to developer relations. 

Blog final final final: My journey that led me to Contentful

Finding the right platform for your blog can be a challenge. At Fast Forward 2021, Luce Carter, a Developer Advocate at MongoDB, gave a lightning talk on the tools she has used. Lucky for us, she wrote an in-depth post of how her blogging has evolved over the years.

Choosing the best CMS for your Gatsby project

Want to learn more about using Gatsby.js with a content management system? Contentful Marketing Campaign Manager Agnes Emri walks through the benefits of pairing the two on our blog

Product release roundup: Spring ‘22 edition

Check out our latest release roundup video featuring highlights from Contentful’s Changelog. We recap exciting new Contentful features with insight from the Product Marketing team.


Let’s explore events we participated in last month, shall we? 

Brittany Walker (that’s me, your newsletter writer!) participated in a Women in Jamstack podcast panel hosted by CodingCatDev, alongside other talents from the Jamstack community. Contentful sponsored RenderATL. At the event, I led “A Musical Introduction to Content Management with Contentful,” where participants built a “Your Year in Albums” project using Next.js.

Harshil gave a talk at GitHub Constellation India on how he built GitHub Wrap, a neat tool that summarizes your GitHub activity (if you missed it, you can check out the recording). He also spoke at Code Europe in Poland. During his segment, he went over how to create an API with four lines of code! 

Let’s explore events we participated in last month, shall we?

Here are the events we’re attending in June and July:

  • WeAreDevelopers World Congress, June 14 (Berlin, Germany): Contentful customer Evernest is running a workshop on combining Contentful’s GraphQL API with Next.js’s incremental static regeneration (ISR) feature to create a high-performing, editor-friendly end product. 

  • JSNation and React Summit, June 16-17 (Amsterdam, Netherlands): Harshil will give an intro to content modeling (we’ll have a booth so grab some swag and say hi).

  • JavaScript and Friends, July 29 (Columbus, Ohio): Harshil will be busy, speaking at this event as well. 

Visit our developer events page to stay up to date on other exciting events.

Links we like

A calendar and weather forecast in the terminal

If you love customizations, this blog post by Jamie Smith is for you. Jamie walks through how to display a calendar and the weather in your terminal. 

NES-style CSS framework

I love CSS and the creative ways others use it! B.C.Rikko created an old-school NES-inspired 8-bit-style library that can jazz up any retro project you’re working on.

The ultimate guide to designing data tables

Check out this very handy guide created by Molly Hellmuth, for best practices on designing tables for the web — it might just inspire you to explore our new Rich Text Tables feature. 

Solving the bigger problems

Come join our team!

If scaling products and working on busy GraphQL endpoints is your thing, let’s talk! Costa Coffee, Rapha, EA, and thousands of other companies use Contentful daily. As we scale to support the world's leading API-first content platform, we’re hiring for these roles:

  • Cloud Security Engineer We’re looking for an experienced infrastructure security engineer to lead a world-class security engineering team. If cloud-native security at scale sounds exciting, this is a great opportunity.

Check out our careers page to stay up to date on open roles — feel free to apply or make referrals. We’d love to have you on our team!

That’s it for June — have fun!

Visit our developer portal for even more news. The portal also houses developer blog posts, videos, and tutorials. As always, feel free to contact us on Slack or Twitter to let us know how we can better support your awesome builds.

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