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It’s March!

This past month we threw a spotlight on the best Jamstack tools to integrate with Contentful, including Netlify and Next.js. We also cleaned up our Forma 36 v4 updates and features to make Contentful even more secure for developers.

Let’s review the details.

Contentful corner

Getting started with Contentful and Next.js

I’ve created a dino-tastic tutorial on how to quickly spin up and deploy a blog using Next.js and Contentful. To learn more, check out our starter walkthrough.

Lessons learned while maintaining Contentful’s design system

Contentful UI Engineer Guilherme Santos recounts Forma 36 v4 updates and how his team improved its design library for an enhanced developer experience. 

Previewing your posts: How to build the best decoupled content management workflow for your static site

Being able to see content before it's published is a superpower everyone should have. Our friend Salma Alam-Naylor gives an overview of how to set up previews in Contentful with Netlify.

Tackling the challenge of content localization

If you are working on a multilingual project, check out this ebook that shows how Apply Digital implemented localization by using Contentful’s built-in tools and Next.js.

Building a marketing engineering platform using Next.js, Cloudflare and Contentful

DoorDash provides an inside look at how they used Next.js, Cloudflare and Contentful to create efficient content management processes for their marketing department.

Product release roundup: Winter ‘22 edition

Our latest release roundup video is here with highlights from Contentful’s changelog. Watch for details on environment governance, the Forma 36 v4 release and new ecommerce and personalization apps. 

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I joined a group of Jamstack experts from Netlify, Cloudflare and Microsoft in a Twitter Space to launch Women in Jamstack, which uplifts women working with Jamstack. 

Our own David Fateh led a workshop at GatsbyConf 2022 called “How to Supercharge Your Gatsby Site with Contentful.” He showed attendees how to create a Gatsby site, integrate Contentful, and utilize Gatsby Cloud and Contentful’s Gatsby app.

Stay informed on future events. Visit our developer events page.

Links we like

Animated SVG Jigglypuff

I love CSS art, and this one created by Nico Fonseca has to be the cutest. It uses SVGs, CSS animations and GreenSock to create an adorable singing Jigglypuff that you can dress up.

Low vision A11y with Chris DeMars

Chris DeMars gives an incredibly in-depth video guide to how you can ensure to craft a great UX experience for users with low vision

Include diagrams in your Markdown files with Mermaid

We’re all very excited that GitHub now supports Mermaid, a diagram and charting tool, in Markdown files. Read all about it on their blog.

Contentful changelog


Existence filter for "Object" field type

We modified the GraphQL Delivery API to allow users to use the “ _exists” filter to check if content is set in an Object field. More details.

Changes to the Regular Expression engine

We made an important security update to our content type field validations that use Regular Expressions. This change impacts content type validations that include potentially dangerous terms. You can find more information about our new requirements for Regex validations in our documentation.

Be sure to bookmark the changelog and stay up to date with all the latest.

Stay safe, and have a great month!

That’s it for March! Visit our developer portal for even more news. The portal also houses developer blog posts, videos and tutorials. As always, feel free to contact us on Slack or Twitter to let us know how we can better support your awesome builds.

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