Fast Forward recordings available, new features and GraphQL variables

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November 9, 2021


Hello Contentful community and happy November!

It was a busy month at Contentful for two reasons! First, we hosted our Fast Forward conference — which was a great success. We had an awesome time interacting with you there. Second, we launched several exciting new features, including an update to our Images API.

Let’s explore both exciting updates in detail!


Fast Forward recordings now available online

It's a wrap! Fast Forward, our annual virtual conference, took place last week. We hope you enjoyed the keynotes, workshops and networking opportunities offered and we’d like to extend a thank you to everyone that joined, learned, created and connected with us.

If you couldn’t attend, don’t worry  —  recordings are available on our Fast Forward event page, which you can access anytime.

During the event, speakers covered a variety of topics including Jamstack, blogging, the blockchain, accessibility and much more. Don’t forget to check out the closing keynote on productivity by Scott Hanselman — it’s riveting!

To stay informed on future events, visit our developer events page. In the coming weeks, our developer relations team will be participating in many events including offering a lesson on how to render Rich Text

Contentful corner

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TIL: How to use GraphQL variables to give my queries type safety

Salma published a blog post on how to use GraphQL variables to write type-safe queries. If you’re about integrating GraphQL variables into your project, this is the post for you.

Tweet planner app with Azure Functions and Contentful

Want to see a unique example of how to use Contentful to manage content? Check out Chandan Rauniyar’s tutorial on creating apps that automatically publish planned Tweets. 

Learning to future proof sites using headless CMSes and different SSGs

Our friends at Netlify created an informative guide on how to build a website using a decoupled approach to content management. Decoupling is a broad topic and this post pinpoints what tools to build with.

How I built a Contentful app combined with Commerce.js

This blog post series by William Iommi walks you through building a Contentful app for ecommerce websites in a way that improves customer experiences. 

Join our team at Contentful!

If you’re on the hunt for a new position, check out our careers page. We have openings spanning many departments including sales, engineering, finance and product. We’re also on the lookout for a new developer experience team leader! Please don’t hesitate to apply or make referrals — we’d love to have you on our team.

Links we like

Next.js static generated resumes

Recently, web resumes have become very popular. They’re a great way to showcase your experience and coding skills. Colin Hemphill’s Next.js version is a great place to start. It even supports the use of Contentful as a CMS.  

What is DevOps?

In this informative video, best-selling DevOps author Emily Freeman explains what DevOps is and offers a brief history of software development. It’s a fun watch which we highly recommend!

Creating the effect of transparent glass and plastic in Three.js

Check out Kelly Milligan’s mind-blowing tutorial on how to use Three.js to simulate the look of transparent glass objects on the Web.


AVIF image formatting

The Contentful Images API now supports converting images to AVIF format.

App sharing and custom app icons

You can now share apps easily across organizations — simply use a link or an embeddable share button. You can also add custom app icons. 

Webhooks and API endpoints for comments

Contentful’s Content Management API  now includes comments and webhooks to support events for comments and streamline entry comment management. 

New functions for app SDK for publication lifecycle

We extended our app SDK with new functions making it easier and faster to build apps that update the lifecycle of content.

Stay safe, and talk with you next month!

That’s it for November! Visit our developer portal for even more news. The portal also houses developer blog posts, videos and tutorials. As always, feel free to contact us on Slack or Twitter to let us know how we can better support your awesome builds.

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