Contentful August developer update

In this post, we’re covering our latest changes, favorite UI Extension, and articles from the past month.

Shy Ruparel, on Aug 15, 2018

Develop, edit & deploy websites entirely in the cloud with the CodeSandbox, Contentful and Netlify trio

Setting up a development machine can be a tedious process. Building software products relies heavily on things like your favorite editor or IDE to be productive, it depends on installed dependencies like databases, shell programs or servers to actually run and update your software. Turns out you really can develop websites, make them editable and later deploy them from any computer using powerful online services today.

Stefan Judis, on Aug 7, 2018

An extremely picky developer's take on static site generators for PHP: Part 2 - Jigsaw

In the first article of the series we took a look at Sculpin, the PHP static site generator which is currently the most starred on Github. Today we’re exploring Jigsaw, a tool which promises to bring a Laravel-based approach to the world of PHP static site generators (SSGs).

Davide Borsatto, on Aug 1, 2018

A Serverless alternative to WordPress

In all my career I always had to battle with a WordPress installation, first it was my personal blog then it was the public facing website of companies I worked for. It’s not in the scope of this post to elicit the flaws and fragility of the WordPress platform, but my main drivers as CTO of Labrador were…

Antonio Terreno, on Jul 23, 2018

Making the most of Marketo with UI extensions and Lambda functions

Marketo offers a suite of marketing automation tools that addresses the different subfields of marketing and hence, can be utilized extensively by the various arms of a full-blown marketing department. We at Contentful use Marketo as one of the solutions to handle duties performed by our marketing folks, such as forms on our landing pages.

Jeff Reiner, on Jul 20, 2018


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