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Live preview enables teams to see their content in context and optimize in real-time, so creation comes to life as envisioned for a variety of experiences.
May 22, 2023


Ever rush out the door without checking the mirror? Turns out the new outfit didn’t come together quite as you had imagined. It's a common occurrence that happens to the best of us when we’re in a rush. 

Content teams can probably relate, with constant pressure to deliver engaging content. Just as a mirror check ensures we look our best before stepping out the door, live preview ensures content looks just right before launch.

Live preview, a new visual experience that’s part of Spring Launch, allows content teams to accurately see content in context and optimize in real-time, so creations come to life as envisioned, for a multiplicity of experiences. 

Contentful user-interface demonstrating Live Preview features.

Now non-technical users can see their content in action

Content teams often face challenges when visualizing their work within the technical complexities of content solutions. Live preview bridges this gap by providing a user-friendly, intuitive, side-by-side experience that empowers non-technical users to see their content in action.

With the dynamic visualization tool, content teams can edit and preview on a single page and do away with time-consuming tasks like context switching and navigating to the right content. As a result, they can achieve next-level creativity and productivity.

Let’s explore the five ways live preview helps content teams: 

Get an accurate reflection

Content teams often struggle to get an accurate representation of the content before publishing. With live preview, they get a real-time view of the content in context, with all the elements — messages, visuals, design — seamlessly integrated. This helps content teams determine if the content is aligned with their creative vision. 

Try it on for size

One of the most time-consuming responsibilities for content teams is adapting content for different experiences. The back-and-forth nature of the task saps valuable time and energy.

Live preview shortens this process by eliminating unnecessary re-do’s. With an editorial experience that displays content side by side with the preview, content teams can see the changes as they make adjustments — no waiting or switching needed. They can even jump directly to specific content that needs editing by using the preview pane.

Live preview also provides content teams with the ability to test and preview their content on devices with varying screen widths, allowing them to identify and address any issues related to responsiveness and ensuring optimal user experiences across different devices.

Bring in different perspectives

Live preview makes it easy for content teams to gather feedback and insights from various teams. It serves as the single destination where editors, designers, and marketers come together, review the content, and provide valuable input. With 1-click, content teams can easily share the preview with colleagues and benefit from diverse perspectives. 

Create a tailored look

Content teams can experiment and optimize content for different segments and regions, right inside Contentful. With the ability to make changes in context and in real-time, content teams can easily deliver tailored experiences for ever-increasing audiences without the headaches. 

Boost your confidence

When it comes to creating and publishing content, seeing is believing. Live preview empowers content teams with a newfound sense of assurance. By seeing content come to life in real-time, they can confidently assess the impact, ensuring that the messages, visuals, and design elements work together.

Gone are the days of second-guessing or questioning if content will hit the mark. With live preview, content teams can make informed decisions, iterate with ease, and launch with unwavering confidence. The result? Content that shines, engages, and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. 

Icon of web pages

Live preview in action 

Live preview provides content teams a way to instantly preview their content side by side with the content fields. Any changes to the content are dynamically reflected in the preview pane. Live preview includes: 

  • Side-by-side previewing and editing — Quickly edit content and preview changes without switching pages.

  • Real-time updates — When editing content, the changes are simultaneously displayed in the preview pane, without refreshing.

  • Inspector mode — Click on the preview pane to quickly jump to the source field and make the necessary changes.

Wrapping up

The powerful combination of visualization and optimization capabilities make live preview an indispensable tool for content teams who need to quickly adapt content for a multiplicity of experiences.

Learn more about live preview and how to set it up for maximum impact by reading our documentation

Join us on May 24 for a webinar with product demos highlighting live preview and other newly released capabilities as part of the Spring Launch.

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