There’s something for everyone in the Contentful Spring Launch

Spring Launch continues to unlock the power of composable content by empowering organizations to connect, collaborate, and scale digital experiences.
May 4, 2023

Joy Su



Spring is in the air… and so is our Spring Launch! Our fresh new batch of product capabilities continues to unlock the power of composable content by empowering and elevating organizations to connect, collaborate, and scale digital experiences. 

Since the company's founding 10 years ago, we’ve continued to earn the trust of developers with a content platform that has kept up with the ever-evolving demands of the digital era. Along the way we’ve also been winning the hearts and minds of content teams and marketers who have discovered the advantages of composable content — namely speed and agility. 

Spring Launch has something for everyone. Whether it’s developers extending content composability across brands, channels, and regions, or content teams collaborating to optimize experiences and provide global reach. New capabilities like third-party orchestration, live preview, and AI-powered content generation enable everyone in the organization to create without compromise. 

As we collectively navigate the ever-changing demands of engaging our audiences (especially customers) across all the media channels that surround us, one major requirement stands out: working with content must be clear, straightforward, and flexible for everyone involved. That’s the spirit behind all of our new capabilities in Spring Launch.

Connect content and tools to create dynamic experiences

Today, content is the experience, but rich and engaging experiences require content that may come from a variety of sources and systems. 

That’s a challenge for many organizations when their content is stuck in massive monoliths or scattered across disconnected, disparate silos. Developers then fall back on manual, lengthy, and expensive processes to pull together content from various internal and external systems. 

Imagine the complexities that arise when organizations attempt to scale creation and delivery of content across multiple brands, channels, and regions. It’s no surprise that content grinds to a halt and organizations fall short of delivering dynamic experiences.

Break down silos with third-party orchestration

Big news! Our Spring Launch enables organizations to orchestrate content and tools across brands and teams as well as commerce and marketing channels. 

Developers can now extend the stack with new pre-built integrations like the Shopify, SAP Commerce Cloud Connector, or Google Analytics 4 apps, making it easy for digital teams to quickly create experiences spanning third-party data. 

Teams can also orchestrate content across internal and third-party data to launch new digital experiences faster, consistently, and at scale. Learn how to get started with third-party orchestration in Contentful.

An icon representing digital experience analytics on the desktop.

Optimize productivity with built-in collaboration   

Customer expectations are a moving target and content teams can’t afford to be bogged down by inefficiencies. 

That's why we continuously optimize the editorial experience to make it easier for editors and marketers to skip the learning curve and tackle recurring tasks with ease, all while staying coordinated with the rest of the team. 

Visualize content with live preview 

Say hello to live preview, one of the most frequently requested capabilities from our customers. It’s a built-in visual experience that enables content teams to see changes as they work, allowing them to quickly and confidently fine-tune content. 

Live preview eliminates the everyday friction encountered by editors when adapting content for a multiplicity of digital experiences, increasing efficiency and content quality through ease of finding and editing content as well as higher confidence. 

Combined with the new enhancements @mentions and field-level commenting, the new capabilities together ensure streamlined collaboration and feedback loop. 

But wait, there’s more! With the Ninetailed integration, live preview makes personalization straightforward and efficient since editors can intuitively test and optimize personalized experiences, all directly within Contentful.

Studio LivePreview V12

Extend experiences with ease and scale fast

The amount of moving pieces grows exponentially with increasing demand from customers for a seamless digital experience. Contentful is flexible enough to adapt to this complexity, so organizations can worry less about future-proofing and focus on growing their business. 

The world’s leading companies trust Contentful, which supports 70 billion API calls per month and offers thousands of purpose-built apps and integrations to support new and bigger digital experiences.  

Lighten the load with Generative AI tools

Teams can bootstrap a huge number of experiences with our collection of prebuilt AI apps that help scale content production. 

The new AI Content Generator can quickly generate on-brand content, reduce repetitive tasks like generating SEO keywords, and translate content into more than 95 languages at the click of a button. 

Screenshot of the AI content generator in action.

Similarly, the Contentful AI Content Model Generator (coming soon to the Contentful Marketplace) enables greater speed and agility for one of the most essential components of going composable.

Go beyond GDPR compliance with EU data residency

Growing organizations recognize that protecting data is not only a legal requirement but also a business imperative that can enhance customer trust. 

We’ve got you covered with a new EU data residency offering (coming soon) that provides more control over your data by ensuring your content is stored within the EU. 

Accelerate time to market with starter templates  

Contentful is also introducing three new starter templates which are pre-built, customizable next.js experiences for marketing websites, ecommerce, and blogs, aimed at reducing the amount of time and effort needed to onboard new developers* and get them up to speed. 

Developers can now easily understand the underlying elements, including source code and content models, thanks to starter templates, which can then be customized and replicated across the stack. 

Lighten the load with Generative AI tools.

Wrapping up

Phew! That’s a lot of updates, and we’re positive you’ll be wanting to see these new capabilities in action. Join us for a dedicated webinar with product demos highlighting what's new and noteworthy for everyone in your organization.

Whether you’re a platform architect, developer, or an editor, you’ll be learning how to: 

  • Connect content and tools to create dynamic experiences by using prebuilt integrations for Shopify, SAP Commerce Cloud, and Google Analytics 4.

  • Optimize productivity with collaboration tools like live preview, @mentions, and field-level comments that streamline collaboration and the feedback loop.  

  • Scale operations using powerful AI tools like Contentful AI Content Generator to create content with the right tone and voice and automate manual tasks.

Your success is our success, so we’re excited to see how the new capabilities in the Spring Launch help achieve your digital ambitions — and get you thinking about what comes next.

Start building

Use your favorite tech stack, language, and framework of your choice.

* Available to new users in the Free plan

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