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November 21, 2019


Every year, 49 million children are affected by acute malnutrition. Those children are 11 times more likely to die than well-nourished children. And survivors of the disease can still experience disadvantages for the rest of their lives. While governments have committed to tackling this problem, it is imperative that we track progress over time, share resources and connect those working to solve this problem.

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As a founding member of the No Wasted Lives Coalition, Action Against Hunger invests in new ideas to advance learning about and action against acute malnutrition. The No Wasted Lives Coalition’s Secretariat at Action Against Hunger UK manages the State of Acute Malnutrition website, which provides a comprehensive overview of available information related to severe and moderate acute malnutrition at global and country-specific levels. The site offers more than 2,700 resources and data indicators from multiple sources in French and English. As our work continues, these numbers need to grow.

For this complex material to be effective, it must be easily accessible in several languages. Our traditional CMS wasn’t doing enough.

Our developer, Juan Ramirez, suggested Contentful would give us the flexibility to manage and distribute our resources and data. According to Ramirez, “Action Against Hunger was looking for a flexible solution for a CMS to build their own user interface, and Contentful was the perfect solution. The API was very easy to integrate, and the management application was simple enough for our content team to use. It saved us a lot of time, money and maintenance work. The API is very well documented, and the technical support is excellent.”

The system is extremely easy to use and requires minimal training for the multiple staff who access the backend. We’ve been able to create accounts with different access levels for the various roles of colleagues, and it allows the management team to track updates. It has made managing, uploading and tracking thousands of resources easier and given us the flexibility to add on additional pages through the ‘Static Page’ function.

We are extremely grateful that the team at Contentful, who has supported our journey to make this website the global hub for information on acute malnutrition.

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