The ALDO Group’s composable content platform is the foundation of their digital strategy

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Montreal, Quebec

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engineering teams redeployed to "higher-value" initiatives


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Main Challenges

  • Replace clunky legacy CMS

  • Platform that supports personalization

  • Versioning and A/B testing built in


  • Faster campaign implementation from idea to delivery

  • 30+ Contentful users in marketing teams

  • 10+ on engineering teams

  • Developers freed from time-consuming approval workflows

  • Marketing completely owns publishing

"In today's competitive landscape, offering a personal and relevant digital experience is crucial. We needed a product that would scale with our ambitions."

Daniel Morabito, Product owner, Ecommerce


Project Story

Challenge: The ALDO Group’s digital journey led them to outgrow their CMS

As the ALDO Group matured digitally, it was looking for a CMS that could keep up with its growth. Content plays a key role in the ALDO Group's ecommerce and retail strategies, and it was concerned about losing time when making content changes. With improving publishing time, it was looking for a system that has versioning functionalities.

This was getting in the way of digital initiatives like conditional content, bi-variate testing and personalization. For a company that values knowledge of the customer and serving curated experiences to its clientele, these digital initiative roadblocks were business-critical.

The ALDO Group needed a solution that was robust and flexible enough to support it through its digital journey. When planned to launch a new website, The ALDO Group recognized that it was time to try something new. They had a few key requirements for its content solution: it needed a robust feature list, security, easy implementation and a sterling reputation.


The ALDO Group implemented Contentful (powered by AWS) for all UI elements across,, and Landing pages, promotion banners and tiles, and copy are all managed through Contentful’s content platform.

The marketing and merchandising teams boast 30 Contentful users, and now completely own content publishing. For large launches and initiatives, the marketing team can take care of content ahead of time and not worry about potential bugs or blockers related to the CMS. For example, the team was able to plan and execute all of their content for an SAP launch far ahead of time. The day of launch, they did not need to think about content issues, and were able to focus on the technical aspects of launching a new system.

The biggest return, ultimately, is the time saved for both marketing and technical teams. Since no deployments are needed, the developer teams can focus on ‘higher-value’ initiatives as they move away from a content support role. Marketing teams are also more efficient in creating content refreshes.

Time-to-publish has gone down significantly, as the marketing teams are able to create and implement continuously refreshed content. They’re also freed from mundane tasks, and are able to share more creative stories with users.

Contentful has become a foundational piece of The ALDO Group’s content strategy going forward. It provides a direct communication channel from the marketing team to end users. As the experimentation and personalization programs mature, The ALDO Group plans to leverage this strong foundation to continue making sure that customers receive the most relevant, useful experience.

Considering Contentful? The ALDO Group shares some of its key learnings from switching to an agile content platform:

  • Understand the limitations of your current system and pain points of ALL the users working with the tool

  • Ensure that the new system aligns with strategic initiatives 3-5 years out, not only with today’s digital platforms

  • Spend at least 80% thinking about the problem (user pain points, limitations, technical considerations) and the rest implementing the solution

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