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Main Challenges

  • Site roll-outs were slow as teams worked to balance promoting evolving product lines with presenting a consistent brand identity

  • Content creators weren't able to publish content without developer assistance, constraining their ability to test content and launch new products quickly

  • Marketers couldn't add or change product information or manage on-page SEO independently


  • Hims launched a sister site (Hers) and then went live with a regionalized U.K. site within 30 days

  • New product offerings can now be launched quickly across all markets

  • Changes to digital content require less management overhead and have a much lower error rate

  • Marketers can control product pages information as well as SEO without having to call on a developer

  • Marketers can experiment with small iterative changes and learn and improve on their content with no impact on brand identity

Project Story

Mission: Bring a revolutionary healthcare model to market — fast

Men’s telehealth startup Hims Inc. hired Rangle to create a platform that could support the company’s ambitious expansion plans into new product offerings and countries, including adding services such as digital primary care consultations.

Hims created a brand identity built on frank and friendly advice from medical experts. Their products address health issues often considered too sensitive to discuss in public — such as sexual wellness and male grooming. However, the company’s CMS required developers to manage most content, and prevented other team members from collaborating easily with developers or working with content independently.

Contentful offers a huge advantage to companies that care about continuous learning: the ability for marketers and product category management teams to publish product information, or change information, without enlisting a developer to deploy changes. These teams can not only launch new products, services and region-specific variations quickly; they can also experiment, making small changes and gauging visitor responses to drive continuous improvement.

Rangle chose Contentful Composable Content Platform to launch Hers, the women’s health and wellness counterpart to Hims. They also used the content platform to unify the codebase of the existing site and the new experience. This allowed regionalized sites to be built quickly, addressing issues of variation and consistency across markets. With its component-based system for managing content, Contentful allows teams to create and organize content so it appears where it belongs. The project was so successful that Hims decided to migrate forhims.com from its legacy CMS to Contentful.

"We look to mimic the success of this project by using Contentful in the future to put the power of a single, unified content platform into the hands of our clients," says Bertrand Karerangabo, vice president of technology strategy at Rangle. Having a unified composable content platform drives tremendous value for clients by enabling better brand consistency.

Since migrating to Rangle’s digital platform incorporating Contentful, Hims & Hers has been able to launch new products and services more quickly into production environments, with much less overhead and a very low error rate. The ability to pivot as needed is one of their strengths as an online service provider. The company was able to launch its new U.K. site in just 30 days.

Based on the success of its work for Hims & Hers, Rangle recommends Contentful for digital experience projects to other companies looking to delight customers and achieve rapid market expansion, and used Contentful for their own 2.0 version of their website because of its power and flexibility.

"Contentful allows us to build new pages in just hours rather than days. It keeps our website team focused on the bigger goals of our site experience and messaging. We can see the whole forest, not just the trees — which makes us better at collaborating and working towards our goals."
- Candace Green-O’Leary, Director of marketing , Rangle

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