Livi launches global telehealth product in four weeks during Covid-19 pandemic

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Main Challenges

  • Enable content creators to publish new material and make changes without having to tap developers

  • Ensure consistency of content and brand identity as Livi quickly expanded in 11 countries

  • Translate and localize content appropriately for each new language and market

  • New editors and content creators need to be able to get up to speed quickly on the content process CMS as the company continues to grow


  • Rolled out free video consultation platform — Livi Connect — to 11 countries in just four weeks

  • Integration with Lokalise — a translation and localization tool — made it possible for Livi to launch Livi Connect in 10 languages in just four weeks

  • Consistent content can be shared quickly across all country-specific sites and on the Livi mobile app

  • Brand consistency makes Livi’s sites instantly recognizable. This helps the company gain recognition as it rolls out to new markets

  • Content creators and editors can publish new pages and make changes without help from developers. It’s easy for new employees to get up to speed quickly on Contentful

It would have been a lot harder to spin up in 11 countries in four weeks without Contentful already in place.

Jonatan Dykert, senior product manager

Project Story

Livi Connect was developed by Livi, in direct response to the coronavirus pandemic to help alleviate pressure on national health care systems in Europe, who were facing an unprecedented challenge. They had the technology and expertise to solve the issue of healthcare professionals not being able to see their patients face to face and wanted to add immediate capacity to Europe’s healthcare systems, ensuring patients could continue to access medical advice even whilst at home.

In March 2020, Livi decided to put all of its energy behind Livi Connect, rolling it out to 11 countries in just four weeks. By the end of March, the free video consultation service was available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA. Every country site is published in the local language.

Contentful was a crucial piece of this rapid and successful launch. Livi (also known as Kry in Sweden, Norway and Germany) had adopted Contentful many months before the pandemic, and their preparedness with the content platform helped expand their website across all of their five markets in Livi’s reach.

“The fact that we were already using Contentful meant we could launch Livi Connect immediately in 10 languages,” says Veronica Ginman, a software engineer at Livi. “We could translate and keep track of everything, even with things changing all the time.”

Contentful’s modular structure and categorization system enables content creators to quickly build a website that’s customized for a specific region, without the involvement of software developers. Translation and localization of Livi Connect for each new country was accomplished with the help of Lokalise, an application that integrates with Contentful.

"It would have been a lot harder to spin up in 11 countries in four weeks without Contentful already in place."
- Jonatan Dykert, senior product manager

Adoption of Livi Connect has been rapid – and gratifying. Dr. Vanessa Lynch, a Brighton, England-based NHS doctor using Livi’s digital platform to consult with patients, says, “With a quarter of doctors now off sick or self-isolating, video appointments have been an effective way for me to continue to provide quality healthcare to patients safely and efficiently, whilst ensuring I stay fit and well to help the NHS cope with a strained workforce. As a retired doctor, it allows me to do my bit safely from home, without a risk to myself or my patients.”

Livi Connect enables health practitioners to treat patients while mitigating the risk of COVID-19 infection. “We worked hard to get the product into as many hands as possible, which helped us understand how to improve so we could scale to serve the needs of our health practitioners and their patients,” says Asra Abdul Hadi, head of marketing at Livi Connect. “We’ve seen tremendous results in adoption and use.”

Moving from Contentful Self-Service to Premium

From the beginning, Livi Connect needed to be built on flexible, customizable CMS that would allow Livi to quickly build a country-specific website for each new market – a site that would comply with each country’s regulations and health care system, and deliver services in the appropriate language. At the same time, corporate and brand identity had to be kept consistent across all sites. Contentful’s modular structure and integrations with other tools such as Lokalise made that possible.

Livi Connect started with the self-service version of Contentful, moving to the Premium plan in 2019 so the company could scale easily to new markets. With this newly expanded capacity already in place, Livi was able to rapidly roll out the Livi Connect, helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19 while still getting people the healthcare they needed.

Contentful’s modular system for building and categorizing website content enables creators to publish new material and make changes to the website without the help of their engineering colleagues. This gives developers more time to work on the tools and technology for delivering Livi Connect’s services.

“After a while, I began to realize the website was self-maintained by the editors,” says Ginman. “I saw we had 100 new medical pages live on our site that I didn’t know about, because no one had to contact me about them. It was the same when we were launching some new campaigns. I saw our ads on TV, and I went to the website and saw it had been updated with that marketing – and I wasn’t involved. It’s been really cool to see that.”

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