Case study: Murad

Murad moves wellness into the future and across the globe with Contentful

Since 1989, Murad has been committed to developing clinically proven, cruelty-free products that meet the meticulous standards for safety, efficacy and care you’d expect from a doctor. Founded by Dr. Howard Murad, his philosophy of “Wellness is health, plus well-being. It's not only being free of disease and stress, but equally important is a sense of happiness, passion, gratitude and accomplishment," has permeated the brand for more than three decades.


By continuing to offer the latest clinical skincare products focusing on total skin health and the overall wellness of their customers, Murad has ensured its continued standing in today’s global ecommerce landscape. When it was time to update their online presence and redesign the website to keep up with its new, internet-savvy clientele, Murad turned to BASIC®, which leveraged Contentful to power a new design and user experience..

BASIC®, part of the Dept network, is a branding and experience design company working at the intersection of culture, design and technology that values its craft, has a deep passion for progression and exists to solve challenges for brands it believes in. In order to bring Murad into the future and turn more site visits into sales, Murad and BASIC® agree that Contentful is the solution to power an experience based on surfacing relevant content.

BASIC® knew Murad’s customers are always looking for the latest and greatest products when they visit the site, and so the first order of business was for BASIC® to update the user interface to include custom applications and a premium design that more closely mirrored what Murad represents as a brand. The website simply needed to shine.

With the help of Contentful, Murad brought in a seasoned Contentful development team to get the new site off the ground. They first ditched Murad’s old legacy CMS and rigid templates that were nowhere near as customizable as its new website’s agile headless platform. Murad also needed the ability for its content creators to add and update content regularly within their portion of the website, without fear of editing or modifying the overall platform.

Content authors and brand managers also needed to be able to easily configure and update content as often as possible to stay ahead of the trends. Localizing content was also a priority, as Murad has customers around the world, and rolling out changes quickly in multiple languages is key to Murad’s success as a global enterprise.

First and foremost, we craft experiences that connect with users and convert to sales. We knew from the moment we cracked the concept that Contentful would be the only choice to seamlessly power the dynamic interactions and modularized content that would be the foundation of the site. — Erwin Hines, creative director, BASIC®

FINE-TUNING THEIR BRANDING ON THE TURN OF A DIME was nominated for a 2019 Webby in the Fashion & Beauty category for best site simply because their website now reflects the digital storytelling that is the foundation of its services. Murad’s customers have always expected to find the latest skincare products and information on its website, and now thanks to Contentful’s content management platform, changes are made in no time at all and Murad is able to maintain its unique place in the industry. “With Contentful, we’re able to reduce time to launch, future scalability and create the premium experiences we want,” Greg Hoch, Murad’s creative operations director, says.

Knowing that up-to-date content is key to its online success, BASIC® wanted to quickly provide a means for intuitive, fine-tuned control over what Murad’s site showcases in order to keep their loyal customers engaged with new products and to also entice new customers to check out what Murad has to offer.

As a global brand, Murad understands the need to be relevant in not only multiple languages, but also to reduce the time and technical overload to deploy localized versions of the website in any country where its products are sold. Managing the locales in Contentful made it effective for the foreign offices to swap in localizations without impacting the underlying platform. By using Contentful’s headless content platform, updates to the website can now be translated for any area as needed and an editor can hit publish without ever waiting for a developer to hit the green light.

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