Case study: Tatari

New brand and content management system broadcast Tatari’s message

Tatari provides data and analytics technology and services for buying and measuring ads on television, both broadcast and streaming. Founded in 2016, Tatari is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Los Angeles and New York City.

Last Rev provides a range of website and marketing technologies and services to its clients, including website development, content management systems and technology for experimentation and optimization. The company is based in San Francisco.

When Tatari, a data and analytics company focused on measuring the effectiveness of TV ads, decided it was time to rebrand, a core requirement was a CMS that would enable easy publishing on the website while maintaining consistent brand identity and user experience.

A flexible, customizable content platform would be a game changer for Tatari. Up until that point, they had been relying on a legacy system whose content models were hardwired into the website. Tatari’s editorial team regularly had to ask engineering colleagues to troubleshoot layout issues and publish new pages. This reliance slowed down the editorial team and pulled engineering away from its work on Tatari’s core product and service offerings.

The company hired Last Rev to develop a publishing platform that editors could control themselves without help from the engineering team. Last Rev chose Contentful to meet Tatari’s requirements.

With its modular system and accessible user interface, Contentful gives Tatari editors the ability to manage website content and layout, and to publish rich content – for example, animations – without any technical help from Tatari engineers. Editors can create unique layouts, animations and new sections for the website as quickly as they need to, independent of any help from technical staff. This has given time back to Tatari’s engineers; now their full focus can be on the company’s platform.

With the first phase of Contentful implementation having proved successful, Tatari is planning to use the CMS for its internal communications as well, including help pages, notifications and more.

As a data and analytics company that enables and encourages its clients to experiment, Tatari is commiting to experimentation on its own site. Contentful’s integration with Optimizely makes A/B testing and reporting easy to do, right from the Contentful user interface.

Our Contentful implementation has allowed us to publish rich content across our site, plus launch landing pages and new blog posts without support from engineering. — Amit Sharan, Vice President of Marketing, Tatari

Our Prismic implementation wasn’t built with our marketing team in mind. Last Rev’s Contentful implementation allows the Tatari marketing team to keep their focus without our support, which is a huge win for us.” — Kris Neuharth, Manager, Software Engineering, Tatari

Contentful fit into our current engineering stack effortlessly, which made the migration easy. — Kris Neuharth, Manager, Software Engineering, Tatari

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