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About the commercetools app

The commercetools app lets editors easily add a product and/or a product category directly from their commercetools account and reference it in Contentful entries.

Products and categories can be previewed via the Contentful web app, simplifying workflows for content editors. This enables them to use the latest products and categories across retail sites and experiences.

This commercetools app also now supports our new External references feature - Developers no longer need to call commercetools to fetch additional data from their API and instead can retrieve all the needed data through Contentful's GraphQL API.


  • Directly link a product or a product category on commercetools to entries
  • Browse products or product categories on commercetools in Contentful
  • Preview the selected product or product category in Contentful
  • Use External references to resolve products, product variants and collections through Contentful's GraphQL API within a single query.


To use this app, you will need:


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