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About the Merge app

The Merge app provides a visual interface for identifying and resolving the differences between environments’ content models. Compare content types, review conflicts and merge changes - all without writing migration scripts. In conjunction with the use of environments and environment aliases, the Merge app allows you to build incrementally, test and release digital experiences, and more efficiently iterate over content.

The app will work with any two environments within a space, for which you have the required access (detailed below under Requirements).


  • Content type comparisons: Visually compare the content models of two environments.
  • Content type selection: Select specific content types to include in a merge.
  • Review and resolve conflicts: Review and take required actions before merging.
  • Export migration scripts: Generate and download migration scripts based on your selected content types.
  • Merge: Apply changes from the source environment to the target environment.
  • CLI: Use the Merge capabilities right from Contentful CLI.


  • A minimum of 2 environments in the same space, with the app installed in each environment to be used for comparing changes.

To perform a merge, you’ll need to be logged into a role with the following permissions:

  • Allowed to read all entries in the target environment. If you have restricted access to any entries, the Merge app will not be able to validate whether a merge can be executed successfully.
  • Able to create, edit and delete content types in the target environment.

Merging Content

While the Merge app focuses on the content model, the contentful-merge CLI tool allows you to compare and merge entries across environments in a Contentful space. It can be used to create a changeset of all entry differences between two environments, and to apply this changeset to another environment, thereby effectively syncing the content of two environments.


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