Gatsby is a React-based front-end to a Contentful website that gives you performance out-of-the-box so you don’t have to worry about optimizing for speed. Gatsby is for the development team looking for performance optimization without the extra effort. It’s for the marketer who needs a fast, high-performing website that’s excellent with SEO, lead conversion, and ROI. It’s also for agencies that build websites for clients and need an optimized, repeatable, and reliable web tech stack that builds performance into every site.

The Gatsby + Contentful combination will really resonate with marketers, as it improves site speed and SEO performance, leading to a better customer experience and increased conversions. And from a technical perspective, it makes it easier for developers to get started with Contentful, to build a presentation layer and setup site previews for content review and tech QA. So everyone wins, developers and marketers alike — it helps resolve some of the challenges associated with going “headless”.

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