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Stackbit is a visual experience platform, for teams building and operating enterprise websites, with a composable headless tech stack.

Modern technology stacks create a more performant and secure web. However, modern web teams will have to make tradeoffs in the ease of editing, creating, and operating those sites. This creates unnecessary tension between developers who want to focus on writing code and building components and marketers or content ops and other business roles that need independence to operate and drive business impact through their websites and web applications.

No-code / low-code meets composable digital experience platform

Stackbit + Contentful helps digital teams assemble and deliver websites, web applications, and experiences faster. We're building the tools to let these teams of designers, developers, marketers and other business people work together successfully. Developers can code exactly the way they want, easily manage data sources and focus on creating components, all the while providing marketers and other business users an intuitive and powerful interface to create, edit and accomplish their goals. Developers and designers can collaborate with, and unlock marketing & content ops practitioners to assemble, edit, and create amazing experiences in minutes, not months. 

Best-in-class developer experience, maximum uptime, reliability, scalability

Stackbit provides an open developer toolkit that easily adds visual editing and management to any modern website, satisfying engineers and marketers/content-ops users without compromise. Stackbit enables performance, uptime, and reliability at the core of our platform. Our flexible platform does not require any supply-chain dependencies on custom code or code packages. There is no cumbersome registering your code and components to lock it into our platform and way of working. Our platform is fully removed from your website's production delivery to end users, so your team can use the best stack of cloud CDNs and services.

  • DXC - Visual Experience Platform

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