From publishing pages to orchestrating workflows

Webhooks provide a powerful way to connect Contentful to outside services and tools, creating automated workflows that help your teams stay productive, up-to-date, and focused on high-value tasks.

Use cases powered by webhooks

  • Static sites

    Trigger granular static site builds whenever content is published or archived.

  • CI/CD pipeline

    Automate your deployments by integrating content changes into a CI/CD pipeline.

  • Notifications

    Keep your team in the loop by notifying them of changes in the shared space.

  • Serverless functions

    Leverage serverless backends to enrich data and automate menial tasks at scale.

  • Change log

    Keep tabs on the activity in your space and document the changes in an external log.

  • Search index

    Provide accurate search results by updating your search service/engine in real time.

Built for the needs of modern teams

  • Focus on the events that matter with advanced filtering. These filters allow you to create customized triggers responsive to specific events (publish, delete, save, etc.), entities (entries, content types) or environments (master, sandbox). You can further refine the triggers by invoking logical operators (equals, includes), leveraging regular expressions or adding negations.


Stay secure

The ABCs of building your first webhook


Contentful Workflow Overview

Help Guide

Getting started with serverless functions

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