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NOTE: The Workflows app is only available on our Premium plan. If you would like to learn more or upgrade, visit our page on pricing plans.

If your version of Workflows was configured to your space prior to March 1st, 2023, and would like to migrate to this new app version, follow our migration guide.

The Workflows app allows you and your team to automate the process of monitoring the different stages of your content creation through notifications and tasks. In order to use Workflows, you must download the app, which can be installed by an admin or space manager here.

Once installing the Workflows app, you can configure one or multiple workflows and take your entries through different editing processes. Configuring Workflows to the entry sidebar allows you to view the status and history of changes through the dedicated Workflow.

To install an app:

  1. Go to the Contentful web app.

  2. In the top pane, click Apps and select "Manage apps."

  3. Go to the required app and under the actions menu select Install. The “Manage app access” window is displayed.

  4. Click the Environments field and select the checkboxes against the environments in which you would like the app to be installed.

NOTE: In the “Manage app access” window, you can view in which environments the app is already installed.

5. Click Authorize access. The app is installed and is able to access the data across the environments it is installed in.

NOTE: To install the app in the environment(s) belonging to a different space, switch to the required space and repeat the installation process.

6. To locate the installed Workflows app, navigate to the top pane and click Apps. In the drop-down, select "Workflows."

Workflow dashboard

The Workflow dashboard displays a snapshot of the stages of your content development.

workflows dashboard

Known limitations

  • Premium users can have up to 10 workflows per space. 

  • One workflow can be attached to multiple content types. 

  • One content type can only be active in one workflow at a time. 

  • You can create up to 20 steps in a workflow.

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