Breaking the Content Bottleneck

Why some digital teams deliver faster than the competition

Content bottlenecks are creating headaches for your company. We’ve identified four key ways content slows down digital teams. Read on and use these insights to improve your efficiency, avoid delays and get your business ready to scale. It all starts with breaking away from limiting and inflexible CMSes and moving towards content infrastructure.

2018-10 Content Bottleneck

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  • How to implement a workflow that decouples content, design and development to empower teams
  • How integrating content governance tools into your content infrastructure can set you free
  • Why you need to implement a long-term solutions and how to identify where talent is being wasted
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"“Contentful supports powerful content modeling primitives as code and content model evolution scripts, which allow treating it as other data store schemas and applying evolutionary database design practices to CMS development.” "

– ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, May 2018

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