Digital-first playbook webinar series

While many companies have adopted a digital-first mindset, they’ve yet to embrace the modern playbook to go digital-fast. In this three-part webinar series, we share insight on how to successfully carry out digital transformation and go to market faster by embracing the builder ethos and adopting emerging digital leadership principles.
Digital-first playbook webinar series

Featuring guests from

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Part 1 | Fireside chat: People and process for leading digital teams

Watch the first webinar of our “Digital-first playbook webinar series,” and learn about the “people” chapter of the new playbook with Dion Hinchcliffe, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research, and Paul Biggs, director of product marketing at Contentful.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand digital-first heroes, creative processes and the developer mindset

  • Learn how to evolve leadership in a digital-first economy 

  • Gain insight on organizing agile teams

Digital-first playbook: Part 1  | Fireside chat: People and process for leading digital teams

Part 2 | Loblaw’s playbook on how to scale digital strategy

View the second chapter of the series, with Contentful customer and Canadian food and pharmacy leader, Loblaw, to learn how they scaled content across teams and replaced departmental boundaries with linear workflows. The panel includes: Johanna Hyde, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Contentful, Jerrold Litwinenko, Director of Digital Experience, Loblaw Digital and Magda Vasinkova, Senior Product Manager, Loblaw Technology.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how Loblaw utilized APIs, design systems, content repositories and cloud-based solutions to build and manage their digital platform

  • Hear about the challenges Loblaw faced during digital transformation and how Contentful’s global marketing, ecommerce and knowledge bases use cases led to a solution

  • Get an overview of Loblaw’s best practices for scaling digital operations

Digital-first playbook: Part 2 | Loblaw’s playbook on how to scale digital strategy

Part 3 | Composing a modern digital platform

Watch the third and final session of our “Digital-first playbook webinar series,” on the platform chapter, uncovering why composability is a defining characteristic of modern digital experience platforms. Our speakers include: John Collins, Senior Content Architect and Content Engineer, Atlassian, Joe Cicman, Senior Analyst, Forrester, and Paul Biggs, Director of Product Marketing, Contentful. 

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about market trends impacting content and platforms and how to embrace them

  • See examples of emerging modern content roles, including content strategy, content design, content operations and content engineering

  • Understand how to take a composable approach to assemble your digital platform

  • Get tips on how to empower diverse teams to build better experiences for customers, partners and each other

Digital-first playbook: Part 3 | Composing a modern digital platform
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