Build something with Contentful GraphQL and get swag!

To celebrate the launch of the Contentful Community edition and GraphQL going into public access for all developers, we want to hook you up with limited edition Contentful swag. You’ll get a pair of comfy, fun Contentful socks and a pack of all our GQL branded stickers wrapped up in a box just for you. The only catch? You have to build something using Contentful’s GraphQL API .

Regardless of if you’ve been using the API since it launched in 2018, or you’re new to GraphQL and are working your way through our GraphQL course, we want to see what you’re working on. We’ll be sharing all of our favorite projects via the Contentful developer newsletter .


Will I have to pay to receive my Swag?

Nope. Swag is free, we’ll even take care of the shipping.

What countries do you ship to?

We’ll ship anywhere in the world excluding countries we are not allowed to do business with.

Why are you asking for a phone number?

Most shipping providers require a number for international shipments so they have a point of contact if there are any issues with the delivery. Although we’re making phone numbers optional, we’d strongly recommend including it to increase the chance of a successful delivery.

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