The headless CMS to composable evolution

All the perks of a headless CMS solution with the flexible extensibility of a composable content platform.

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Composable content: The next generation of customer experiences

Why adopt a headless CMS when you can get all its benefits (plus flexibility and extensibility) by going composable? Use this resource as an introduction to the platform — it also comes with pointers on how to make the move from more monolithic solutions.

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How composable content differs from headless CMS?

Consumer behaviors and expectations are changing rapidly, and with them businesses are looking for the best way to adapt.

While a headless CMS decouples the back-end from the front-end, it introduces greater complexity into the mix that can increase costs to build and maintain. 

In a composable content platform like Contentful, your content is broken down into modular components. With composable content, you can create infinitely and reuse existing content in fresh ways across brands, use cases, channels, and regions.

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Finding the right composable content solution

Knowing which solution is right for you isn’t always a straightforward path. Here’s what a best-in-class composable platform looks like.

Un-silo your content

A customer-first approach starts with breaking down information and content silos and unifying access to that content within a single platform.

Built-in intelligence

Instead of getting bogged down by manual tasks, look for intelligent features that automate tasks and visualization tools that enable teams to collaborate effortlessly.

Market-leading ecosystem

Integrate your preferred techstack with Contentful using pre-built integrations. Explore the Contentful Marketplace to start customizing the platform to meet your specific needs.

Nathan Cook, Global Marketing Director, Web Development, Audible

Moving away from monolithic tech allows us to put content in front of our customers, test it, and quickly iterate for improvement based on those findings. Contentful is more than a content tool, it's a tool for experimentation and iteration.

Nathan Cook

Global Marketing Director, Web Development


See a composable content platform in action

Vodafone dials up content operations

Looking to move on from a collection of disjointed CMSes, Vodafone turned to Contentful's user-friendly interface to unify content and democratize creation and management.

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