The New Storytellers

KFC builds finger-lickin’ good digital experiences with Contentful

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The New Storytellers

Behind every winning content experience lies a team of innovators. This series highlights the people within our customer organizations driving change.

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Hard-coded, market-specific websites were costly and cumbersome to maintain, which led to inconsistent, outdated digital content and a less-than-modern ordering experience.


A unified, user-friendly content platform with reusable content models supports brand consistency and scaling as franchises uplevel their digital marketing efforts.


Contentful is giving KFC the tools to unify its brand and support markets with very different needs and digital experience.


increase digital sales.


increase AU digital sales.


Reliable security

Reduced risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and the legal or reputational damages that follow.

Scalable structure

Modular, reusable content models enhance consistency while still leaving room for creativity.

Integrated framework

APIs and the Contentful Marketplace offer extensibility to add new tools and capabilities.