The New Storytellers

Vodafone dials up its content operations with Contentful

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The New Storytellers

Behind every winning content experience lies a team of innovators. This series highlights the people within our customer organizations driving change.

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A collection of disjointed, monolithic CMSes created content silos and required manual technical support to manage, slowing production timelines and causing significant technical debt.


A composable content platform with a user-friendly interface unifies content and democratizes its creation and management, increasing agility and saving resources.


Vodafone UK has more sustainable content operations and a content model and content library that can be reused by other markets to enhance efficiency and consistency.


faster page load.


manual caching.

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Collaborative features

A headless architecture enables parallel workflows while previewing capabilities that streamline editorial processes.

Reliable security

Reduced risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and the legal or reputational damages that follow.

Scalable structure

Modular, reusable content models enhance consistency while still leaving room for creativity.

Integrated framework

APIs and the Contentful Marketplace offer extensibility to add new tools and capabilities.