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About the Workflows app

Workflows enables editorial teams to keep content flowing across the content lifecycle - from first draft all the way to publication - by ensuring the right people are taking the right actions.

The app automates previously manual and error-prone processes to ensure seamless collaboration, editing, reviews, and approvals.

Editorial teams can define clear roles and responsibilities for each step and content type, adhering to pre-defined governance models. Teams can determine who needs to be involved when and what actions need to be taken, whether that’s moving the content to the next step or moving it back for further revisions.

To keep stakeholders informed, editorial teams can generate tasks, send notifications via email or Slack, or write logic against webhooks.


  • Create fully customizable workflows for different content types
  • Assign multiple workflows for the same content type
  • Add entries to workflows manually, or automatically upon creation
  • Block publishing or editing on specific steps to avoid publishing unreviewed content
  • Define who can, or cannot, move each workflow step forward
  • Make comments as you move content to a new stage, to give context to the next assignee (or team)
  • Automate tasks and email notifications for reviewers
  • Automatically trigger integrations with 3rd party systems with App Actions to trigger builds, get content translated, notify internal teams


  • Available to users in Premium plans. If you’re new to Contentful, you can set up a new account.
  • Contentful admin support to install the app


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