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On sprints toward scalable, content-driven commerce with Contentful

With Contentful, On is able to quickly produce inspiring content, turning customers into life-long brand advocates

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Kraft Heinz secures the secret sauce for an iconic brand with Contentful

Looking to move beyond outdated technology, the heritage brand sought a solution to assemble dynamic digital experiences that could cut through the noise.

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Composite image showing Kraft Heinz brands.

Vodafone dials up content operations with Contentful

Looking to move on from a collection of disjointed CMSes, Vodafone turned to Contentful's user-friendly interface to unify content and democratize creation and management.

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KFC increases YOY digital sales by 43%

When hard-coded, market-specific websites became too costly to maintain, KFC turned to Contentful’s user-friendly composable content platform to unify its brand and support markets with diverse needs and digital experience.

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Screenshot of KFCs desktop and mobile experience

Audible's exciting experiences boost conversion by 20%

Hindered by a monolithic CMS that required developer intervention, Audible turned to a no-code composable content platform that give their teams more autonomy to build and stress test ideas.

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We have franchises in 150 countries and finding digital solutions that meet the varying languages and digital maturity of each one is really challenging.

Ashley Travis

Senior Director Digital Experience & Product Growth