Scaling in style: How Celonis built a team and modular approach for delivering better digital CX


There is no such thing as a marketing website anymore. Businesses need to provide exceptional digital experiences across channels without making compromises on style or brand image. This becomes impossible to scale if business units need design and development resources to publish or update every piece of digital content.

In this webinar, Celonis provides an overview of how they created a collaborative, agile team culture to enable marketing self-service for better customer outcomes. The Celonis team walk through how they implemented their new strategy with a democratized process and explain the modular architecture and component library that made this possible.

This webinar covers how to:

  • Build trust with a strong relationship between technical and business teams

  • Increase collaboration when deciding on new team workflows

  • Enable autonomy by democratizing the process of digital content creation

  • Deliver repeatable success with a modular approach to creating digital experiences

Scaling in style with Celonis
Recorded on
26 May 2020
60 minutes
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Brandon Ortiz
Brandon Ortiz
Vice President, Content & Digital Marketing,
Pekka Hiltunen
Pekka Hiltunen
Head of Web Design & Web Development,
Mark Demeny
Mark Demeny
Director of Content Management Strategy

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